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How convinced are you as an inspired leader that you can feel more Joy, Serenity and Hope, living up to your fullest potential?

Did you know that you can always grow your emotional intelligence, boost creativity and make it ripple along your organization and personal life?

n-Project supports you in engaging and inspiring yourself to action and to develop an effective style of Leadership that positively influences you and your world.

n-Project’s methodology follows The Core Energy Coaching Process,  elaborated by Bruce Schneider (Founder of iPEC,  US top rank rated coaching School). It is a transformative Self Mastery system based on 7 levels of Energy that enable powerful changes in you and everyone in your world.

It is also rooted in the fundamentals of the theories of Emotional Intelligence (Daniel Goleman), Intentional Change Model (Richard Boyatzis) and Positive Psychology (Barbara Fredrickson).

n-Project offers various customized programmes:

  • One-to-One Coaching to ignite Inspirational Leadership.
    • Energy Leadership Development
    • Transition
    • Business Transformation
  • Business Projects to start a positive behavioural chain reaction throughout the organization.
  • Energy Leadership Index (ELI) and 360° ELI feedback, a unique assessment that enables Leaders to hold up  a mirror to their perceptions, attitudes, behaviours and to the levels of Energy they show.
  • Training Programme based on the Energy Levels, comes in several different topics:
    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Dynamic Communication
    • Influencing and Engaging Others
    • Productivity and Decision Making
    • High Energy Relationships

All programmes are provided in English, French and Italian.

“Emotional Intelligence is carried through an organization like electricity through wires.”

Daniel Goleman

You will make the difference and drive a measurable impact on the organization and personal life by:

      Enriching your emotional intelligence,     

                          Unleashing your potential,

Boosting the engagement of your team and organization,

       Activating your sense of purpose, culture and vision,

                   Showing energy and hope with an authentic positive mood,

   Increasing your resilience.

“We don’t see the world as it is, we see the world as we are.”

Anais Nin



Founder of n-Project, Delphine is Consultant, Executive Coach and Trainer.

Delphine has extensive and eclectic experience of managing P&L, People, and Projects as she dedicated 20 years to both corporate and small-to-midsize business. She held both line and staff roles, in companies like General Electric, Solvay and Vdm Italia.

She is certified Professional Coach & certified Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner with iPEC (ICF accredited coaching school, USA).

Delphine holds an MBA at SDA Bocconi (Milano), a Master in Executive HR Strategy Sole24Ore Business School (Milano), an MA in European Economics at CEU (Nancy-France) and a degree in Commercial Engineering (UCL-Belgium).

She received her 6 Sigma Master Black Belt certification with General Electric.

She is volunteering as Laughter Yoga Leader.

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